athleteEverything we do here is to help athletes discover the best that lies within them so they can grow into the person and the athlete they were meant to be.TweensThe way we nurture that discovery is by providing athletes with positive and practical strategies for unlocking their gifts and maturing through the experiences of sport and school.Our strategies come in the form of live seminars, inspiring videos, educational webinars, interesting articles, and printed resources like books and manuals.

Discover these resources created with athletes in mind:

Building and maintaining self-confidence for athletic competition is an essential skill but often tricky to manage. This session reveals the best-kept secrets about gaining bullet-proof self-confidence for sports and school. It just might be the single most important ingredient of your performance.Available Workshop


From Chump to Champ - How Individuals Go From Good to Great

champ_bookIn order for the group to move from good to great, the individuals within it must first move from Chump to Champ. It is a journey that must start on the individual level, and requires persistence and direction every step of the way.


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From Chump to Champ Workbook

champ_workbookThe workbook leads you through a series of introspective exercises designed to help you find personal answers on your Chump to Champ journey. Your own revelations from completing each exercise will guide your steps through four specific stages of personal transformation.

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5 Powerful Strategies for Athletic Success 5strat2This guide for athletes is designed to improve performance and develop a leader's character before, during and after competition. The five strategies taught in this book will stretch your athletic and human potential as much as any workout or competition. Single Copies - $4.99 each Order Now Family & Friends Pack (5) -- $19.75 (3.95 ea.) Order Now Elite Team Pack (10) -- $37.60 (3.76 ea.) Order Now Full Team Pack (25) -- $87.50 (3.50 ea.) Order Now Club Pack (100) -- $325.00 (3.25 ea.) Order Now Athletic Director's Pack (250) -- $747.50 (2.99 ea.) Order Now President's Pack (500) -- $1,250.00 (2.50 ea.) Order Now

Life Gym Videos


LifeGym is a series of short videos that teach young student athletes single-point lessons about life strategies. The topics are designed to stimulate self-awareness, self-control, personal responsibility, confidence and grit.
Each lesson includes a companion handout that challenges athletes to:

  • Understand the life lesson's importance for school and sports
  • Grasp the consequences of the choices associated with the lesson's application
  • Find the relevancy of the lesson for their daily life

Athletes are encouraged to share the video lesson with their parents and discuss the handout so the whole family can learn together.

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