5 Ways Sports Parents Can Help Young Athletes Cope with Performance Anxiety

Some performance anxiety is “parent induced” and the remedies are a parent’s responsibility. 1. Refrain from talking about the game. Frequent reference or reminders about “the game coming up” gives this event disproportionately high importance and creates unnecessary public expectation and pressure. 2. Catch your child doing something well. Look for opportunities to praise your…
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The Difference Between Goals and Strategies in Youth Sports

There is great misunderstanding and therefore misuse of terms like “goals," “strategies” and “objectives” in our culture.  It’s no wonder when our kids are confused by these terms. John F. Kennedy stated a goal when he said “…put a man on the moon by the end of the decade, and bring him back safely.” It was…
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Helping Your Child Choose a Sport: Have Them Try Everything

I was an eager dad when it came to playing games with my children, and that meant they got exposed to everything from board games to skating! Regardless of your athletic skill level, seize the first opportunity you have to start interacting with your child in the backyard with any kind of ball... soccer ball,…
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