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Sports Parents Come in Four Flavors

Your particular style of parenting has the potential to significantly impact your young athlete’s self-esteem and athletic development. Certain sports parenting styles can lead to a variety of self-confidence issues for child athletes, such as fear of disappointment. In this video blog, I explain the four different types of...
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Little League International Scandal

Last week the Little League World Series championship team, Jackie Robinson West, was stripped of its championship title. ESPN reported that the Chicago-based team officials used a falsified boundary map and met with neighboring Illinois Little League districts to recruit players in order to build what essentially amounts to a superteam. The first-ever all-African-American team...
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Sideline Support: Sport Parent Body Language During Games

When parents attend their child’s sporting events, they are likely giving off non-verbal clues that affect their child more than they realize. Approximately 55% of all communication is transmitted by body language. Many people don’t realize the extent to which seemingly small gestures influence how others interpret what you might be thinking or feeling. Children often...
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