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Working through Pre-Competition Nerves

Important sporting events can sometimes send young athletes into a flurry of pre-game excitement, and this rush of feelings can occur in the minutes, hours or even days leading up to the big event. Butterflies in the stomach, which is how many describe this type of nervous excitement and anticipation, is usually a form of...
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The Art of Family Conversation

It's hard not to get swept up in the negative emotions that can accompany a difficult conversation among family members. In this video blog, I share three simple things to remember when discussing tough topics with your kids or other loved ones. -David Benzel (more…)...
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The Opinions of Others

Hi David, Your monthly webinars have been very enjoyable and helpful!  I have learned lots and continue to seek ways to be a better grounded/rounded sport parent.  One thing I'd love to hear your thoughts on is... How does a parent best react to the outside...
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