Are You The Kind of Fan Your Athlete Needs?

What one word best describes the kind of “parent-fan” you are – be honest. Enthusiastic Loud Distracted Involved Calm Crazy Supportive Angry Encouraging Absent Helpful Informed Now an even more important question is, would your child agree with your choice? Think about it. Or better yet, ask them. You may be surprised by their answer.…
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When Distractions Happen, What Is Your Athlete’s Plan?

Coaches, have you ever described your athlete as... Laser-focused In the zone Tunnel vision Gazelle intense If you have, you probably remember the exact moment when you proudly recognized this level of concentration in them. More than likely, though, it is the exception and not the norm. Thanks to a culture that embraces the art…
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3 Leadership Habits That Cross from Sports to Life

“Is your child a leader or a follower?” Every parent wrestles with this question at some point. For many children, it appears obvious from birth, that they are inclined to follow rather than lead. However, if the definition of leadership is having influence, then all kids are presented with opportunities to lead others. Sports participation,…
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