How Sports Parents Can Help Young Athletes Thrive and Stay Balanced

Is your athlete seeing the big picture or riding an emotional roller coaster? On a list of factors that impact the youth sports experience, perspective is at the top. How you and your young athlete view victories, challenges, and losses determine whether or not it feels like a roller coaster or a smooth sailing vessel.…
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How Sports Parents Help Each Child Stand Out in a Sea of Siblings

Playing second fiddle… Being the understudy… Assigned to second string … Low man on the totem pole… None of these phrases evoke a sense of confidence. In fact, they all imply being second best. Yet, this might be how one or more of your kids feel if they are in the shadow of a sibling…
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Build an Effective Team of Coaches Around You

Speed, agility, power, and intelligence are four qualities youth sports coaches look for in every child athlete. It’s like a dream come true when you find an athlete with high levels of all four elements. But the truth is, the perfect athlete is a rare find. Most athletes are a unique and imperfect mixture of…
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