What Kind of Sport Parent Are You?

Parenting behaviors communicate so many important messages to children.  Many of those messages answer crucial questions for a child about his or her identity.  As your children wonder “Who am I?” they interpret the answer from the messages you send with the demeanor of your actions and the selection of your words. It could be…
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The End of Defensive Conversations with Your Athlete

The opinion that matters most to young athletes is what THEY think their parents think of them; their greatest fear is disappointing their parents. So during the car ride home from a game, be mindful of what you say. If you appear to be on offense in this conversation, defense is the only position left…
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Prevent Bullying by Creating Standards for Team Culture

Bullying in sports has been the topic of many conversations, articles and blogs. It deserves our attention and our children deserve to be taught coping skills to help them realize that all bullying is a statement about the bully…not the about the victim. Those who bully are in need, they are troubled, and actually suffering…
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