The Opinions of Others

Hi David, Your monthly webinars have been very enjoyable and helpful!  I have learned lots and continue to seek ways to be a better grounded/rounded sport parent.  One thing I'd love to hear your thoughts on is... How does a parent best react to the outside world's perception/comments of their child with sports?  Here's  a…
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Gymnastics Olympian Shares Sport Parent Lessons

Listen to a fascinating and revealing interview with Wendy Bruce Martin, Olympian and mother of two athletic children as she talks about the most important lessons she has learned about being a sport parent.

Talking the Walk Helps Walking the Talk

An assistant coach of fifth- and sixth-grade teams at Springfield's Catholic Youth Organization, is accused of attacking the coach of the winning team after a game. As the players were shaking hands following the game, the coach allegedly attempted (more…)
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Stirring the Heart of a Team

With the conclusion of the NFL season and hearing the post-Super Bowl interviews, the impact of a positive team spirit becomes so apparent once again.  This intangible commodity that sounds so corny to some is so obviously present when you listen to players and coaches after a championship win.  Listen to the common themes that…
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