Not Making the Team: An Opportunity, Not a Threat

A few years ago a Little League mom made the headlines by stalking, berating, and threatening the coach of the baseball team that cut her son after try outs. Okay, definitely an over-the-top reaction, but more importantly a missed opportunity in the parent child relationship as it relates to sports. Let’s take a look at…
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Who Cares Most About Winning in Youth Sports?

There seems to be confusion in youth sports about who cares the most about winning a championship, and even about who should care the most – the coaches, the parents, or the kids. Let’s take a look at the possible motives and responses in each category. Coaches: The Ego-driven coach needs to win to feel…
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Exercise: Mastering the 5 Cornerstones of Athletic Improvement

The Growing Champions for Life philosophy was built from the idea that the youth sports experience is most effective in meeting its true objectives when coaches, parents, and administrators create the most positive learning environment possible for today's youth. I liken youth sports to life’s “sandbox” when it comes to youth development- it’s a laboratory…
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