Youth Sports: Life’s “Sandbox” for Youth Development

The findings from a July 2014 study of children who played organized youth soccer published in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health found that winning a game was just one of 81 determinants that makes playing sports enjoyable for children. Winning didn’t even make the top 10! It was rated 48th, which tells us…
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Praising Young Athletes: Not All Praise is Created Equal

It’s fairly obvious that the parent who constantly criticizes a child’s performance will increase the chances of a child becoming cautious and tentative. What’s not quite as obvious is that the parent who overly promotes and praises a child can have the same impact. The reason for this is that the child has become painfully…
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Youth Sports: A Gift We Give, Not an Assignment We Make

Although HBO’s documentary series, State of Play, premiered two years ago with the debut episode “Trophy Kids,” the subject continues to be highly relevant to all involved in youth athletics. The episode focused on obsessive sports parents who yell at officials and coaches, and pressure their children into pursuing scholarships. The difference between the people…
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