Practicing the Art of Non-Interference

in-ter-fere v. "to intrude in the affairs of others."  Where is the line separating parental guidance from interference?  Here's an example:  As Trey begins to eat his food,  Dad takes the fork out of his right hand and and places it in his left hand -- repeatedly if necessary. (more…)
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When Your Child’s Timetable for Success Isn’t Working

Dreams and goals serve as motivational fuel for anyone who has ever achieved elite athlete status in sports. Early in his Little League career our son Tyler set his sights on playing professional baseball. However the timetable for reaching those goals didn't play out according to his plan. (more…)
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Mom Wants Revenge

Janet Chiauzzi's response to her son's missed opportunity to play on the travel team is certainly one of the more over-the-top responses we occasionally hear about from every corner of youth sports. But of equal concern to us (more…)
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