How to Get Booted Off a Recruiter’s List

The other day a dad confessed to me that his high school age son, who is a talented baseball pitcher with big dreams, has been showing his mother considerable impatience and disrespect. It reminded me of a comment I heard recently from a Division I college baseball recruiter who was speaking to parents and players…
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A True Test of Integrity

Working with the Evert Tennis Academy in Boca Raton, FL has been a great education for me. Not until you spend time court-side during a Junior level tennis match can you come to appreciate the true test of integrity. Why? Because in Junior tennis each competitor is responsible for calling their opponent's shots "in" or…
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Fearless Parenting is the Goal

Within a 36 hour period I encountered two sets of parents who shared similar concerns about their young athletes.  The stories are so alike and so common that the topic is worthy of closer examination. Each situation involves high school age student/athletes that have been blessed with academic as well as athletic talent. For clarification,…
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