Your Body Language Never Lies

As parents, we're communicating every single second of every single day. Mouth open or mouth closed, the message is getting out. Your attitude about your child and her play, your sense of admiration or not, and what you think about her efforts are transmitted in subtle ways for her and everyone else to read.  Approximately 55% of…
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Optimal Parent Push Toxic or True?

During one of my workshops for the parents of young tennis players, one of the fathers stated a widely held belief. I'm not sure you can get a great player without at least one crazy pushy parent.” (more…)
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The Sport-Parent Paradox Less is More

I was recently asked, In what way must the parents of athletically gifted children behave differently than the parents of average performing children? The implication was that if your child looks like the next Derek Jeter certainly your job must be taken more seriously and more effort must be exerted. After all, parents have a responsibility…
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