Youth Athletics Coaching Revolution

Coaching Revolution
- A Philosophy and Game Plan

By David Benzel and Derek Wolfe:  
Coaches must offer more than sport knowledge. A coach's credibility is judged on the environment created, the emotions managed, and skills taught for sport and for life. Today's athletes and sport parents are increasingly reluctant to give coaches respect and loyalty before it is earned.

Coaching Revolution comes with templates and handouts that can be duplicated for coaches, parents, and athletes including:
- Standards and Boundaries
- Coach's Self-Assessment
- Essential Elements of Practice Sessions
- "Way to Go!" Cards
- Athlete Personal Vision Page
- Athlete Weekly Self Evaluation
- Mentoring Program for Athletes
- Parents' Meeting Agenda
- Articles for Coaches and for Parents
Get revolutionary results by revolutionizing the learning environment for your athletes!

Coaching-Workbook-cover-3DThe Coaching Revolution manual provides a step-by-step guide guaranteed to:

  • Unite all coaches using a philosophical approach that works
  • Present a credible plan to parents designed to gain support and loyalty
  • Earn the commitment of your athletes beginning with the first day of practice
  • Create team chemistry
  • Develop athlete self-confidence

Coaching Revolution book -- $24.95
Coaching Revolution e-book -- $12.95

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Coaching Revolution Webinar

Where Coaches Come to Revolutionize their Methods


Examine how to bridge the gap between athletic potential and athletic results by creating a healthier and more productive atmosphere for your team. This webinar is designed to support the Coaching Revolution Manual and help coaches reach their ultimate potential. David Benzel dissects the art of coaching and shows a step-by-step process of how to effectively use the manual. The Coaching Revolution webinar includes a step-by-step guide that will help you build your own revolution.

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Bring the Revolution to Your School, Club or Academy


The Coaching Revolution Workshop is a live event designed to help you customize the implementation of your coaching revolution. This interactive presentation will include discussions, Q & A, and problem-solving activities that bring the Coaching Revolution principles to life for each participant. In addition to learning how to launch your Coaching Revolution, we'll cover topics like:

  • Involving athletes in the creation of team culture
  • Solving the mystery of motivation
  • Coping with the risks of allowing choices
  • Developing an athlete mentoring program

For some participants, the real value of this workshop is gaining a new perspective on habits and strategies for stimulating true excellence and peak performance in young athletes.

If you're committed to creating a program that other coaches admire and want to join; that parents brag about to their peers; and that athletes long remember as a highlight in their development - host a Coaching Revolution Workshop. The way your entire organization thinks and behaves will make a quantum leap in a positive direction and the ripple effect will be felt for years to come.

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