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74% of children have witnessed out-of-control adults at their games
45.3 % of kids surveyed said they had been called names, yelled at, or insulted by coaches

The data is staggering - our young athletes are dramatically impacted by the behavior of their parents and coaches. They aren't in a position to make many changes in the behavior however, YOU have the ability to help.

The Growing Champions for Life® philosophy is committed to producing champions for life, not just a season. It helps parents and coaches become aware of their behavior and learn the simple skills to help kids become great athletes AND great adults. Adults are equipped with greater skills to encourage, uplift and guide young athletes while providing them with examples of self-mastery they will carry through life.

" Growing Champions For Life®, uses and supports all the crucial lessons I learned in my career. But what sets this program apart is that it teaches that raising an athlete is not just a short term goal. As a parent, coach, and former Olympian I use his strategies to not only raise great competitors for today, but also well-rounded and confident people in life."

- Wendy Bruce Martin, Olympic Medalist

Studies conclude that as many as 73% of the kids who begin playing a sport at an early age have dropped out by age 13.

By partnering with Growing Champions for Life®, you help provide these training programs to clubs, coaches, and schools that lack the necessary funding. The youth sports experience is most effective in meeting its true objectives when coaches, parents, and administrators create the most positive learning environment possible for today's youth. To date, we have worked with over 6,000 individuals to strengthen the experience for youth sports.

I love it! You are amazing and have an incredible gift to help us all better communicate with each other and with our kids. We must not only hear the words, but live by them. Thank you so much for your time and encouraging words.

Amy Draeger

It gave me a lot of insight not only to my parenting but to my role as a human who hopes to lead by example as opposed to word. I have a lot of fine tuning to do but am committed to do my best.
Thank you again for an inspirational presentation. Great stuff!

Thank you,
Chris Tonra

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Data Source: National Council for Youth Sports, National Alliance for Youth Sports, Minnesota Youth Soccer, and American Alliance for Health