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The sport parent quiz is designed to help you discover how you behave as a sport parent and what effect it is having on your child. Sport parents come in 4 FLAVORS... Manager, Agent, Sponsor, Hero. However, through the challenges and emotions of sports we sometimes become the sport parent we NEVER intended to be. By answering the following questions honestly, your point total will indicate which of the four flavors fits you best.SportParentlogo

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  • Would you feel more comfortable knowing ahead of time exactly what to say when your child wants to quit playing because she's so discouraged?
  • Would you like to have a strategy for teaching the concept of self-discipline to your athlete when he doesn't feel like practicing?
  • Finding these answers are easy with this series of short, inspiring and educational video lessons. Receive one of these lessons weekly for FREE, along with a printable assignment page, for the next five weeks.

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Dr. R Jensen

(11/1/10) Interview with Dr. Rick Jensen, Sport Psychologist and author of Drive to the Top. Dr. Jensen reveals the most common traps and best solutions for dealing with athletic fears, concentration issues, and parental performance pressures.

(1/31/11) Interview with Dr. Nancy Cummings, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and Department Chair at Florida Southern College. Dr. Cummings discusses the role parents play in understanding injuries and guiding athletes through the recovery process.

(3/14/11) Interview with Mary Lore, author of Managing Thought. Mary sheds a new perspective on how athletes and parents can get more of what they want out of sports through a shared commitment to choosing powerful thoughts and words that work.

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