Winner's Connection Newsletter Archive

Volume 49. June 2014
Why Your Child Needs the Drug of CHOICE

Volume 48. May 2014
Does Your Child Appreciate the Financial Cost of Sports?

Volume 47. April 2014
My Coach Doesn't Like Me

Volume 46. March 2014
Can You Give Your Child the Eye
of a Tiger?

Volume 45. February 2014
Passion is Caught More than Taught

Volume 44. January 2014
Humility or Arrogance: Where is Your Child Headed?

Volume 43. December 2013
The Great Myth of Fame

Volume 42. November 2013
How to Change Your Child's Mind

Volume 41. October 2013
Our Children Are Watching

Volume 40. September 2013
Three Kinds of Coaches and How to Tell Them Apart

Volume 39. August 2013
Answer Five Essential Questions for Your Child

Volume 38. July 2013
How to Practice with Your Child

Volume 37. June 2013
Searching for What Works

Volume 36. May 2013
Thou Shalt Not Jive Thyself - Overcoming Self-Deception

Volume 35. April 2013
Fake It Until You Make It — Does That Really Work?

Volume 34. March 2013
Four Words to Avoid with Your Child

Volume 33. February 2013
How to Create Positive Change in Your Family

Volume 32. January 2013
Shed the Superman Cape: Five Steps to Build Credibility

Volume 31. December 2012
Align Your Parenting Decisions with Your True North Values

Volume 30. November 2012
The Keys to Connecting with Coaches

Volume 29. October 2012
Adversity: Obstacle or Opportunity?

Volume 28. September 2012
The Real Purpose of Your Child's Sport

Volume 27. August 2012
Is Your Parental Push Optimal or Toxic?

Volume 26. July 2012
Your Sport Parent Style Revealed

Volume 25. June 2012
Three Goals for the On-Purpose Parent

Volume 24. May 2012
Change Thinking into Wondering and See Your Athlete Change

Volume 23. April 2012
Are You a Mentor, or Just a Coach to Your Kids?

Volume 22. March 2012
Stirring the Heart of a Team

Volume 21. February 2012
Getting What You Want as a Parent or Coach

Volume 20. January 2012
Losing It, Flipping Out, and Other Emotional Hijackings

Volume 19. December 2011
What Sport Parents Can Learn from the Penn State Tragedy

Volume 18. November 2011
Caveman Conversations -- How to Avoid Fight or Flight When Talking to Your Child

Volume 17. October 2011
Is It Too Late to Make it Right
with My Child?

Volume 16. September 2011
The Importance of Small Wins

Volume 15. August 2011
Can You Give Someone a "Want to"?

Volume 14. June 2011
The Adversity Factor:
Are You a Prisoner, Settler, or Pioneer?

Volume 13. May 2011
Conquering the Fear of Failure

Volume 12. March 2011
A Tiger Mom or A Family Hug?

Volume 11. January 2011
Does Your Support Have Strings Attached?

Volume 10. October 2010
Sport Family Traditions Make for Great Memories

Volume 9. July 2010
What My Wife Taught Me about the Dreaded Car Ride after the Game Volume 8. May 2010
How to Recover Athletic Swagger

Volume 7. April 2010
The Sport-Parent Paradox - Less is More

Volume 6. January 2010
Join the Movement!
Optimal Parent Push - Toxic or True?

Volume 5. November 2009
"How to Create a Fearless Competitor" Evert Tennis Academy Parents' Workshop

Volume 4. September 2009
David Benzel & Wendy Bruce-Martin, Presenters at 45th Annual USA Gymnastics National Congress

Volume 3. July 2009
IMG Academies Hosts David Benzel as Guest Speaker

Volume 2. May 2009
Growing Champions at the Evert Tennis Academy
What did Oprah have to do with it?

Volume 1. March 2009
Legacy Gymnastics Level 7 Girls Undefeated

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