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sportadmin1Everything we do here is to help sport organizations create the most positive learning environment for athletes, parents, and coaches; for in that environment the needs of all stakeholders can be served.


The way we nurture that environment is by teaching positive and practical strategies for growing a cooperative and healthy culture that produces loyal supporters and raving fans.

Our strategies come in the form of live seminars, inspiring videos, educational webinars, interesting articles, and printed resources like books and manuals.

Discover these resources created with sport administrators in mind:
True Hero Track

Online Learning for Your Website
Want your club to be the go-to resource for teaching parent excellence? You'll get parents visiting every day with True Hero Track. True Hero Track provides educational content for parents, hosted on your website with a variety of fresh resources every month. Parents need access to resources on-demand (24/7) in a variety of formats that meet their learning styles and you will:

1. Add value to a parent's experience
2. Build membership loyalty
3. Differentiate your organization from the competition

There are four levels of participation, including personal interaction with David Benzel, our founder. Find the level that is right for your organization.

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In just one session, David will open the eyes of parents and coaches to the behaviors that are influencing young athletes and the strategies required to strengthen their overall performance in life, not just sports. Athletes will learn what it takes to develop self-confidence. Specific workshops available for parents, coaches and athletes.

Available Workshops


How to Turn Parents into Partners

Join us as we unpack one of the most valuable opportunities for clubs and associations to differentiate themselves from the competition. We'll solve one of youth sport's biggest challenges at the same time. David Benzel host this webinar intended for a youth sport club or team administrator, owner, or board member.

  • Discover the best-kept secret for setting your program apart
  • Solve one of the most challenging relationship issues in sports
  • Earn the unshakable loyalty of your parents
  • Learn how to establish raving fans who send you endless referrals

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Sport Parent Success Course

Add value to your membership by providing the cornerstone for "parent excellence" through this online video course. By including this inspiring course as part of your membership, parents receive practical, positive strategies that take the guess work out of being a sport parent.

This course will produce these life-changing benefits:
  • Parents gain an increased understanding of their role as supporter
  • Increased emphasis on the journey, not the destination for youth in sports
  • More parental cooperation with coaches and club administrators
  • Increased member loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals for your program
  • More positive atmosphere within your culture and at events
  • Less pressure for athletes, and more life lessons learned along the journey

Take a look for yourself and discover why parents will find value in this course.

The Sport Parent Success Course consists of three individual, and separately licensed, online videos and will appear as a "live" icon on your website and available for viewing on demand. Of equal importance is a built-in reporting function that allows you to be notified by email when a member has completed a course.

Part I (A New Awareness) $395
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Parts I and II (A New Awareness & To Push or Not to Push) $695
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Parts I, II, and III Sport Parent Success Course Package (A New Awareness, To Push or Not to Push, Taking Positive Action) $995
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Coaching Revolution

Coaching-Workbook-cover-3DThe Coaching Revolution program is a step-by-step system for coaches who want to create a healthy and productive learning environment with their coaching staff, parents and athletes. This comprehensive program combines on-the-field strategies with learning environment concepts to create a one-of-a-kind model aimed at improving performance, team chemistry and effective coaching.

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