David, I wanted to share a very positive experience with my son who is a freshman runner in college. I had an opportunity to watch him run this past weekend in Seattle, Wa. It was a great trip as I got to see him which doesn't happen much since he is away at college. He had big goals set for his race. About a mile into his 5k race, his back started having spasms and his performance was not what he or his coach wanted. It was to say the least, very disappointing for him. We had plans to go out to dinner that night after his race and obviously I wasn't sure what the night would bring. I remember your words about your son not having a good game and getting in the car. You told us that when a child has a game, good or bad, that they will talk about it when they are ready, not when you want to give them advice. I met my son in the lobby, hugged him, and we set out for dinner. Not once did I bring up the race. I talked about my trip, things going on at home and how great it was to see him. About half way through dinner, he started to talk about his performance and how disappointed he was. All I did was take that opportunity to ask him a series of questions that got him thinking about everything from his pre-race preparations traveling out west to his thoughts on what he could have done differently. He immediately talked for 30-45 minutes as I sat and listened, realizing how true your words were and it was great to see him thinking about what he needed to do without me lecturing him from my perspective.

You might only be changing one parent at a time and making the difference in a young athlete but THANKS for all your insights into the world of a young athlete.

--A Forever Grateful Dad

I just wanted to thank you for speaking with us this morning. Your message very much inspired me. I will be going out tomorrow to get your book and apply your principles not only to my work at US Food as a territory manager but I am sure it will help me in all aspects of my life.
--Stuart Searles

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