True Hero Inner Circle

Online Coaching & Support Program for Parents of Young Athletes
What's the primary difference between families where children grow to reach their full potential in athletics - and those where children quit or give up on their dreams? A True Hero Parent.


The True Hero Inner Circle is here to support you the PARENT through this unique, monthly, online coaching and support program. THIC helps create the family atmosphere you've always dreamed about by staying focused on the real life-lessons that must be taught to young athletes.

Key life lessons:thic-logo-options

  • Achieve self-mastery with sport mastery
  • Understand personal responsibility
  • Perform more consistently in competition
  • Develop the work ethic of a true champion
  • Nurture healthy relationships at home and at school

You will have access to David Benzel and our athlete partners for personal help. You can stay focused on the role you play as a sport parent in helping your child reach his or her full potential, as an athlete and as a person.

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Sport Parent Improvement System

Parent Style Assessment: The Sport Parent Quiz -- Knowing your Sport Parent Style is important, but learning how to improve your score is essential.

Sport Parent Video: Understanding Your Style - Learn to understand the two primary variables that affect the messages you send to your child in sport situations.

Sport Parent Article: How to Improve Your Hero Style - Learn how and when to adjust your behaviors to provide your child with the best chance to succeed in sports and in life.

True Hero Tool Kit for Surviving, even Thriving, with a Coach

Article: Taming the Beast within your Child's Coach -
Learn How to Adapt to the 4 animal Styles of Coaches

In this article you'll find the best-kept secrets for adapting to the various coaches you'll meet along your child's athletic journey. With this information you can help your child benefit from the best coaches and survive the worst.

Video: How to Connect With a Coach
Learn how to deal with your child's coach. This video will provide you with key strategies for connecting with coaches on and off the field, before and after the game. The practical tips taught here will increase your understanding of a coach's behavior and guide you and your child's approach to any coach.

Audio Interviews with Coaches: Seeing the Team from a Coach's Perspective
In this six part series David interviews coaches on the strategies that work and why some coaches are successful in improving the belief system of young athletes and why others fail. Coaches share what they have experienced from the best sport parents.

  • Chet Lemon - former MLB All-Star, Detroit Tigers
  • John Evert - Director of Coaching, Evert Tennis Academy
  • Sal Lombardo - Head Coach, Orlando Scorpions
  • Jerri Kelly - Athletic Director, Lake Brantley High School
  • Kevin Sutton - Head Coach, Montverde Academy Basketball
  • Derek Wolfe - Head Coach, Trinity Prep Baseball
How to Help Your Child Learn Skills Faster and Easier
Your child uses three learning styles, but some styles are more effective than the others. The information about which learning style is preferred by your child, and the relative strength of each learning style for your child, provides a solid basis for accelerated learning of skills and concepts.
True Hero Message of the Day Program
This audio series and worksheets of 24 life-lessons is broken down into six crucial sport parent topics. Each practical positive strategy can be heard in less than two minutes and be used to start your day right and assist you in growing a champion for life.

  1. Improving Family Life
  2. Building Self-Confidence
  3. Coaching Your Children
  4. Achieving the Dream
  5. Connecting with Coaches
  6. Improving Your Hero Score
Teaching Life-Skills Live Webinar
Our webinars allow parents to log-in and follow along with slides and audio training that are combined for tackling bigger sport parent issues. Topics include teaching young athletes conversation skills, conflict resolution, and personal responsibility and how these skills win games on the field and in life.
Sport Family Advantage
When you're ready for a fully customized interaction designed specifically for your family invite David Benzel to share his sport-family coaching program with your household. This series of Skype assisted interviews with parents and athlete (alone and together) will produce a whole new level of understanding and performance for your family.

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Email Coach David
As you learn and grow in this program there will be times you feel you just need to get a personalized answer in dealing with a sport-family issue. Coach David is here to answer those tough questions so you can create customized answers for your particular home-life situations.
What do I Do When...? Parent Hot Buttons Set of 4
You will receive 4 tips from our library of 24 typical sport parent issues. Hot Buttons are focused on the frustrating and sometimes tricky situations parents encounter day-to-day where the answer isn't always obvious. The helpful hints can be printed and kept handy for those moments when a quick answer is needed. All 24 Parent Hot Button cards are available for purchase in a box for easy reference.

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Five Powerful Strategies for Sport Parent Success
This little book is designed to teach five powerful strategies for helping you build an enduring relationship with your child during the youth sport years. The concepts are simple, yet significant. If you follow the suggestions in this book, I believe your athletic outcomes will be more satisfying and your relationships significantly more rewarding for years to come.

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From Chump to Champ with Workbook
Find what takes Champ-- Some organizations and families, are healthier, more productive, and more successful than others. Look closely and you will see that the most common factor distinguishing good from great in either a company or a family is its individuals and their unique relationships. Includes workbook!

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Sport Parent Approach - Assessment and Course
The purpose of this program is to help you choose your pathway to becoming the sport parent you wish to be. Through this four step program you will learn how to provide the most positive sport family environment, avoid the pitfalls that take the fun out of sports, and enhance your relationships while you grow a champion for life.

Step 1: Take the Sport Family Assessment and get your score immediately.
Step 2: Watch a short video to learn about the possible outcomes of the three
different approaches to being a sport parent (5 min.)
Step 3: Read the informative article, "To Push or Not to Push" to discover the
pathway to each alternative and choose your preferred outcome (10 min.)
Step 4: Create your personal commitments to achieve the desired results.

Bonus: Audio radio interview with David Benzel "To Push or Not to Push"

A Hero in Every Parent, a Winner in Every Child
This six-part video course will give you specific tools and strategies for having character-building conversations with your athlete about self-mastery, not just sport mastery. Each lesson tackles an essential life-lesson and comes with a download worksheet. These lessons will significantly improve your child's perspective on peak performance, and your credibility as a Hero-Parent.

Video 1: Teach Your Kids What Works in Life
Video 2: How Swagger is Lost and Found
Video 3: Conquer the Greatest Distraction of All
Video 4: Solving the Mystery of Motivation
Video 5: Provide Inspiration and Step Aside
Video 6: The ABCs of Handling Emotions

Parent Interviews from David's Weekly Radio Show
This series of six interviews with sport parents reveals lessons learned in real life situations by parents like you. Interviews with True Hero parents who are sharing the lessons they have learned and helping you avoid sport-family stressors that can sidetrack your child and your entire family.
Six Interviews with Top Professional Athletes
Elite level athletes share their insights and their perspective as they reflect on the coaches and parents who influenced them the most during their journey. You'll learn from the point of view of an experienced athlete about what works in parenting and coaching.

  • Andrew DeClercq - former NBA Center, Orlando Magic
  • Jeff Deardorff - Scout for NY Yankees & former Pro Baseball Player
  • Mandy McLane - Pro Tri-Athlete
  • Kevin Davidson - All American & former Pro Baseball Player
  • Kristin Butler - Professional Women's Softball & All Star
  • Brad Dunn - Professional Strongman competitor
Interviews with David Benzel based on his book Chump to Champ.
In this series of six interviews with author David Benzel you will learn how to teach your children a life achievement formula to achieve success in sports, school, relationships, and business. The four-step process works for children and adults in any endeavor.

1. Dream Big
2. Aim Accurately
3. Imagine Vividly
4. Believe Passionately
5. Follow Magnetic North
6. Stay Close to Your Wizards

Five Powerful Strategies for Sport Parent Success
Listen or download this five-part series of interviews featuring David's book "Five Powerful Strategies for Sport Parent Success" and learn how to use the five most important concepts in growing champions in your home. You'll also find a bonus topic that will revolutionize the way you communicate with your children.
Monthly Newsletter: Winners Connection
In our monthly newsletter you will receive monthly tips to help you handle the typical day-to-day issues of raising young athletes along with breaking news from Growing Champions for Life events. Get your newsletter now!
Special Report: The Five Temptations of a Youth Sport Parent
In this Report you will learn the five most common traps for parents and how to avoid becoming a victim to them
Special Article for Athletes : The Mental Gymnastics of Winners
Once you learn how to create a winner's approach, the feelings of inadequacy and fear of failure can be replaced with confidence. This article teaches your child an important strategy for winning on a daily basis with a simple but profound concept.
Sport Parent Blog
Interact with other sports parents through the convenience of our web site. Ask questions and share your insights about lessons learned and challenges solved.
Life Gym Videos
LifeGym is a series of short videos that teach young student athletes single-point lessons about life strategies. The topics are designed to stimulate self-awareness, self-control, personal responsibility, confidence and grit.

Each lesson includes a companion handout that challenges athletes to:

  • Understand the life lesson's importance for school and sports
  • Grasp the consequences of the choices associated with the lesson's application
  • Find the relevancy of the lesson for their daily life

Athletes are encouraged to share the video lesson with their parents and discuss the handout so the whole family can learn together.

Coaching Revolution
The Coaching Revolution program is a step-by-step system for coaches who want to create a healthy and productive learning environment with their coaching staff, parents and athletes. This comprehensive manual with companion webinar combines on-the-field strategies with learning environment concepts to create a one-of-a-kind model aimed at improving performance, team chemistry and effective coaching.

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You Get All of The Materials INSTANTLY online
for as little as $7.49 a month with the annual plan!  

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Be a part of one of the most valuable investments ever - your child's happiness in life and in the sport environment! Our goal is to teach the skills and inspire the attitudes that help every parent support their child to new levels of excellence, in sports and in life.

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