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Growing Champions for Life® has formed close working relationships with individuals who have expertise in teaching life-skills and performance skills to today’s youth.  Whether working one-on-one with an athlete or speaking to a group, these subject matter experts broaden the scope of our consulting capabilities when it comes to enhancing the personal maturity of young athletes.

Certified Sports Family Coach

Triny Beckman
Triny is passionate about coaching athletes to succeed in sport and life.

With over 20 years as a gymnastics club owner and coach, Triny has the day-to-day professional insights for developing young athletes. And as a former gymnast, she has a personal understanding of the commitment required.

Triny strongly believes that it takes parents, coaches, and athletes working together to reach peak performance. As a Certified Sports Family Coach with Growing Champions for Life, she has the tools and strategies that allow for a cohesive approach toward success.

Gifted in listening well to her athletes, and coming up with the solutions that propel them forward, she is loved and respected by those who have worked with her.

Triny is excited to represent Growing Champions for Life at the 2019 Kansas State Optional Clinic and 2019 National Gymnastics Congress—enabling her to continue to be a thought-leader in the gymnastics world.

She is well-connected in the community and volunteers as part of the Mounted Posse for the Shawnee County Sheriff’s department. If she’s not riding one of her beloved horses, then she’s probably walking her dogs, trying out a new restaurant, or indulging her inner bookworm.

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Break the Grip of the Rip

Donna Bollinger
As the mother of four children, Donna Bollinger knows the typical challenges of helping kids deal with adversity and setbacks. However, that had new meaning one day when her son and two friends were caught in a rip current that threatened their lives. The story of how she saved all three children and the lesson she learned about the negative power of doubt and fear has transformed her family's approach to life's threats and obstacles.

Donna is an athlete, coach, announcer, American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructor and an ocean safety advocate. As she encourages athletes and teaches basic lifesaving skills, she promotes the importance of training athletes for life as well as for sports.

  • Two-time national record holder for swimming
  • Member - WORLD T.E.A.M. Cycling (The Exceptional Athlete Matters)
  • National level triathlete
  • City Team Ministries youth outreach project coordinator
  • Screen Actors Guild Eligible and Stunt Car Driver
  • Ocean Rescue Lifeguard and Basic Life Support Instructor
School Assembly Presentation: "Break the Grip of the Rip"

In this lively fact-based presentation Donna employs a variety of object lessons to:

  • Help children become aware of some of life's challenges
  • Give children strategies for remaining calm and positive
  • Inspire children about their true potential at all times
  • Provide children with tools for problem-solving
  • Help children truly embrace who they are
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Transforming an Athlete's Life Journey

Julie Learner, LCSW
Julie Learner is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in performance coaching. She utilizes cognitive behavioral methods along with a relational approach and focuses on self-insights. This method assists athletes in becoming fully present in practice and life which clears the way for peak performance. Her use of creativity and imagination allows young athletes to break out of conventional mindsets and explore new mental territory. As they master this, they are better equipped to tackle the many challenges of becoming a champion within.

She has worked with youngsters through adults, supporting the individual inner process of self-evolution, helping children and families to learn and grow. As opposed to more traditional sports therapy, Julie uses an East meets West mindset combining psychological theory and mindfulness practice.

Her approach has grown out of her own personal experience as an athlete along with the experiences of the many athletes with whom she has worked. As an athlete herself, Julie saw the need coaches have for assistance in strong mental training for their young athletes. She works closely with parents and coaches to help them with the following:

  • Clear and consistent direct communication of objectives, feelings, and other important matters
  • Stress management as it relates to anxiety, breath control, healthy lifestyle, and positive choices
  • Confidence/self-esteem building from a deep place of learning about oneself
  • Abundance theory as it relates to competition and life
  • Facing fear and overcoming "demons" that become obstacles to growth and change

She combines this experience with her work as a therapist in community mental health, her many teaching experiences, and her training in psychodynamic therapy.

This program is designed to transform an athlete's life journey, not just the sports journey. It's an essential part of growing a champion for life from within.

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