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3 Youth Sports Strategies for Handling Distractions

Disney Pixar’s movie “UP” hit it “out of the park” with their character “Dug.” Do you remember him? He was the talking dog that would always say, “Squirrel!” mid-sentence. Regardless of what was going on, Dug would lose his train of thought by the distraction of a nearby squirrel. Parents everywhere chuckle and more than…
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3 Essentials to Teaching Your Child Athlete Self-Respect

If I told you that you just won the “parent lotto” and could “gift” your child athlete with any one quality, what do you think it would be? Make sure to choose wisely! But before you do, remember that you want this gift to equip them to face the many challenges that life will bring…
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5 Tips to a Better Balance Between School and Sports

What would the proverbial “fly on the wall” see if it spent a week in your home during a season of school and sports? Think about it. Would it see chaos and stress? Or would it see a family working together efficiently? Families that invest their time and energy in sports are probably already convinced…
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