Are Your Child Athlete’s Life Accounts in Balance?

It’s the start of a new year, and after the spending frenzy that usually occurs in November and December, I am acutely aware of an imbalance in my financial accounts. If I ignore the tension and neglect to bring the categories of spending, saving, giving, earning, etc., back into balance the cost is high and…
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What Every Kid Hopes for In a Youth Sports Coach

The auditorium was full of youth sports coaches from a variety of sports. They represented a wide spectrum of years of experience, sports knowledge, and coaching skills. I had two questions for them, and I knew the first one would trigger split-second responses without much contemplation. “When you’re staring at all the kids on your…
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3 Truths to Teach Your Child Athlete About Change

When faced with change do you typically embrace it or fight it? Your answer probably has a lot to do with how change enters your life. It usually happens in one of two ways: You initiate a change Change is thrust upon you As you probably guessed, it is a bit easier to accept when…
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