Fearless Parenting is the Goal

Within a 36 hour period I encountered two sets of parents who shared similar concerns about their young athletes.   The stories are so alike and so common that the topic is worthy of closer examination. Each situation involves high school age student/athletes that have been blessed with academic as well as athletic talent.  For clarification, when…
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Parents Ask: Is it too late for me to do this right?

The Orlando Scorpions and Next Level Baseball sponsored a two-day instructional camp over the weekend that attracted 160 players from age 14 to 18. Many of these players have dreams of playing college baseball.  I was invited to speak to the parents of these dedicated hopefuls about the Growing Champions for Life philosophy and programs. A…
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How to Recover Athletic Swagger

I received a phone call this morning from a distraught father who is facing one of the toughest scenarios in sport-parenting.  His seventeen year old daughter has been a first-string performer on a top level volleyball team.  However a combination of circumstances (a new coach and new talent) on the team has suddenly shaken his…
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