How Athletes That Mentor Are A Youth Sports Coach’s Best Ally

In the world of team youth sports, every coach has an invaluable source of support that holds great potential. It is found in the ability of team captains to step in and mentor fellow athletes. The unique position that these older athletes have, as both peer and leader, makes them very credible in the eyes…
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3 Ways Youth Sports Coaches Become Better Leaders

Imagine for a moment that you have a time machine and you travel back to visit your old youth sports coach. What would that experience look like? You might thank him for teaching you a specific skill or for leading you to a state championship. Perhaps, you want to express gratitude to him for helping…
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Lead Your Athletes from Conflict to Character with These 3 Tools

Have you ever cheered at the end of a feel-good movie because your favorite actor (or actress) worked through a difficult conflict and came out a better person because of it? This is an outcome we all applaud. We instinctively know that it doesn’t happen easily or by accident. Conflict is tough and it doesn’t…
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