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parentsathleteSport Family Advantage

Giving Families Practical Strategies for Achieving Dreams

sport family advantageWhen you're ready for a fully customized interaction designed specifically for your family, invite David Benzel to share his sport-family coaching program with your household. This series of Skype assisted interviews with parents and athletes will focus their attention on what matters most for winning in sports and life.



Master the Lessons and Five Amazing Things Will Happen

  • Your relationships will be improved
  • Your family environment will be more positive
  • Your personal stress levels will decrease
  • Your child will enjoy sports and perform more consistently
  • Your young athlete's fear will be replaced with confidence in sports and in life

Program Elements

  • One hour conversation for parents to discuss what's working and what obstacles exist including results of the Sport-Parent Quiz.
  • One hour conversation (approx.) for student/athlete to discuss the child's perspective on practice, competition and the overall sport experience.
  • One-hour follow-up discussion with parents to collect feedback, reflect on the results of their homework and agree upon new strategies.
  • One hour all-family discussion to collaborate on findings, opinions, feelings and new commitments of each family member. An all-family strategy, including a long-term communication plan, is adopted with everyone's approval.

Your investment includes two bonus items:

  • Autographed copy of David Benzel's book From Chump to Champ
  • Five Powerful Strategies for Sport-Parent Success

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parentsSport Parent Approach - Assessment and Course


sportparentThrough this four step program you will discover to what degree your child is "pressured" or "optimized" in their sports activities. This course will help you avoid the pitfalls that take the fun out of sports. You will learn how to adjust your behaviors to coincide with the kind of sport family environment you wish to provide your child.

Steps for the course:

  1. Take the Sport Family Assessment and get your score immediately.
  2. Watch a short 5 minute video to learn about the possible outcomes of the three different approaches to being a sport parent
  3. Read the informative article, "To Push or Not to Push" to discover the pathway to each alternative and choose your preferred outcome
  4. Create your personal commitments to achieve the desired results.

Bonus: Radio interview with David Benzel, "To Push or Not to Push"

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