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Growing Champions for Life® – Youth Sport Experience Live Workshops

As a club or team administrator, if you could have happy and loyal parents and cooperative coaches, how would that impact the long-term success of your organization?

One way to have parents and coaches as raving fans of your organization is by hosting David Benzel, founder of Growing Champions for Life®, for a live workshop.

David brings a vast range of experience to his energetic and dynamic workshops, customized for your audience. As a world class athlete, coach and sport parent, his educates, inspires and provides adults with the needed tools to give young athletes a happy and healthy sport experience.

In just one session, David will open the eyes of adults to the behaviors that are influencing young athletes and the strategies required to strengthen their overall performance in life, not just sports.

Book David for your next event and help parents and coaches understand the culture you are trying to create and their role within it.

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His premier topics include:

How to Create a Confident Competitor

Everyone knows the importance self-esteem plays in reaching one's potential. We also know how fragile self-confidence can be. This workshop addresses the foundations of your child's self-belief and teaches you powerful strategies for helping your child take charge of personal self-confidence in sports and school.

Workshop Segments:

  • Checking the Family Compass
  • Living Above the Line of Responsibility
  • Identifying Roadblock Messages Inhibiting Performance
  • Reprogramming Mental Software for Success

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Identify the core values that drive behaviors in your family
  • Recognize the difference between excuses and ownership
  • Learn to identify performance-limiting self-talk
  • Create the most positive sports family environment possible
To Push or Not to Push - A Parent's Dilemma

Discover the best approach for your family and take the guesswork out of the most pivotal dilemma parents face today. Most parents admit to being confused about pushing their child to achieve, but all parents want to see their children succeed. This session exposes the options and consequences of our choices.

Workshop Segments:

  • Your Home Environment - What Have You Created?
  • Overcome the Two Most Common Syndromes
  • Identify Behaviors that Determine Your Child's Mindset

Workshop Outcomes:

  • How parents push when they don't mean to push
  • The two kinds of push by parents
  • How to create a climate for True Optimal Push
  • The short-term vs. the long-term of Pressurized Push
What Your Child Needs to Succeed

Research shows that we're 31% more productive when we're happy! But how can parents address their children's happiness level and discipline their behavior at the same time? This session teaches the two fundamental cornerstones that create happiness and well-being. We'll uncover ten activities to generate an attitude and an environment in which you and your children can THRIVE.

Workshop Segments:

  • Two Sides of Family Life Revealed in Conversations
  • Flexing Character Muscles has Consequences
  • The Way to Happiness for Your Family

Workshop Outcomes:

  • How to teach self-directed character building
  • How to ask wonder-FULL questions
  • Five key ingredients for increased happiness
  • Ten outrageous strategies that will help your child thrive at sports and in school
Focused or Frantic? - Getting Your Athletic Family on the Same Page

Family life takes on new challenges when children aspire to move from good to great in their sport. This session is designed to look beyond the superficial symptoms of your family experience and provide you with tools for creating the most positive, high performance family environment possible. Customize a pathway to balance, harmony, and achievement that fits your family.

Workshop Segments:

  • Walking the Talk of Personal Responsibility
  • Discovering the Distractions to Excellence
  • The Art of Healthy Conversations
  • Your Brain on Sports

Workshop Outcomes:

  • How to live above the line of excuses
  • The two kinds of distractions that rob performance
  • What works better than duct tape when talking to a child
  • How to use your family-friendly mind
How Credible Coaches Create Competent Kids

To be remembered as the coach that helped a child win on his athletic journey is one of the most fulfilling experiences. However to be remembered as the coach that helped a child win on his life journey is even more significant. This workshop explores questions and provides answers to some of the most critical issues in influencing young men and women athletes, not just for a season but for life.

Workshop Segments:

  • The Ultimate Criteria for Effective Coaching.
  • The Mystery of Motivating Athletes.
  • Two Crucial Questions All Great Coaches Ask Themselves.
  • How Coaches Sabotage Their Own Success.
  • The Ideal Elements for a Learning Environment
Workshop Outcomes:

  • Understand the true goal of every coach and how success must be measured.
  • Uncover the limitations and realities of human motivation.
  • Discover how to use two fundamental questions to solve performance issues.
  • Learn how to avoid undermining your credibility with athletes.
  • Identify the elements that create the most effective learning environment for athletic excellence.

Coaching Revolution Workshop

Bring the Revolution to Your School, Club or Academy
The Coaching Revolution Workshop is a live event designed to help you customize the implementation of your coaching revolution. This interactive presentation will include discussions, Q & A, and problem-solving activities that bring the Coaching Revolution principles to life for each participant.

If you're committed to creating a program that other coaches admire and want to join; that parents brag about to their peers; and that athletes long remember as a highlight in their development - host a Coaching Revolution Workshop. The mindset and actions of your entire organization will make a quantum leap in a positive direction and the ripple effect will be felt for years to come.

Workshop Segments:

  • How to launch your Coaching Revolution
  • How to involve athletes in the creation of team culture
  • How to solve the mystery of motivation
  • How to cope with the risks and benefits of allowing choices
  • How to develop an athlete mentoring program
Workshop Outcomes:

  • Gaining a new perspective on coaching habits that work
  • Finding new strategies for stimulating true excellence, regardless of talent
  • Inspiring peak effort and improved performances in young athletes
How to Create a Winner's Mindset

Building and maintaining self-confidence for athletic competition is an essential skill but often tricky to manage. This session reveals the best-kept secrets about gaining bullet-proof self-confidence for sports and school. It just might be the single most important ingredient of your performance.

Workshop Segments:

  • Who do you THINK you are?
  • Using the Performance Formula to your advantage
  • Discovering your Roadblock messages
  • Reprogramming your mental software for success
  • Managing emotions so they don't manage you
Workshop Outcomes:

  • Replace Doubt with Self-Confidence
  • Replace Confusion with Concentration
  • Replace Excuses with Determination
  • Replace Tantrums with Control