Growing Champions for Life

Non-profit organization dedicated to improving the youth sport experience

What can I do if my child is frustrated or upset after a bad day with sports?


How can I model appropriate attitudes and behaviors when I am at my child's games?

Questions like this are why Growing Champions for Life Inc. (GCFL) was created as a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the youth sport experience. Parenting is the toughest job anyone undertakes and you are never sure if you are "doing it right.” Add a young athlete into the mix and the need for help can becoming overwhelming.

David provides an invaluable service to parents, coaches and players with his publication and programs. His message is one that desperately needs to be heard.
Jim Loehr

Co-founder of the Human Performance Institute and bestselling author

Our organization seeks to empower sports parents, coaches, sports administrators and young athletes by providing these groups with a variety of free and members-only interactive and printed resources, such as webinars, workshops, books and other products- all of which aim to help young athletes become champions for life, not just for the season.

Everything Growing Champions for Life does is focused on helping sports parents create a closer bond with their children; for in that bond are the seeds of confidence and competence for any endeavor throughout life.

The way we nurture that bond is by providing parents with positive and practical strategies in the form of live seminars, inspiring videos, educational webinars, interesting articles, and printed resources like books and manuals. These tools enable parents to play their role as a sport parent effectively through unconditional love and the pursuit of personal excellence.

As a result, young athletes are able to reach their full potential as competitors and young men and women.